My daughter is 3 years old and I wanted you all to know how much she is enjoying herself. I cannot imagine that it is easy teaching little ones, but her teachers really seem to be enjoying themselves and I feel that comes through to the children. I wanted to thank you for really caring about what you are doing. I am happy I found your dance studio and I am sure we will have many happy years of dancing. 

-Tracy  (sent in 2007, daughter is still dancing)

Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to be a part of the the amazing community you have created. I see our heavenly father in everything you do and in the way you run your business and that is really cool. 

-Lauren B.

I knew we found our dance home after reading your 3 year old description.  Little did I know then that was just the tip of the iceberg. Your studio’s positive influence on my daughter is priceless, teaching them to embrace their bodies, personalities, and individual talents. 


Thank you for providing a fabulous program for the dancers in our community. We appreciate your enthusiasm, positive spirit and encouragement to all the dancers.

-Susan B.

Thank you for providing such a positive and supportive place for my girls to express themselves. Both of my daughters loved their teachers and had a great year.

-Amanda P.

You not only run a class act business but you are compassionate, something very few businesses possess. 

-Randi B.

Thank you for an awesome dance Nationals! The combination of our awesome directors who created great dances in an enthusiastic team environment, the girls giggling and laughing and coming together as a team, seeing the result of hard work on the dance floor made my heart so very happy!  I am so thankful for your leadership and studio. 


Thank you for a great dance year. Khloe has learned so much and has really grown to love dance. I love that she is a part of a dance studio that not only teaches how to do a “passé”, but how to be a good person too. 

-Kelly C.

Thank you to your amazing staff for providing such a fun, loving and nurturing environment for our girls. As a family we have made friends and memories to last a very long time. 

-Kathy Z.

Thank you for everything you and your studio has done. When I was a kid you were my hero. My graceful, strong and funny dance teacher. Now that I’m an adult and have a daughter at your studio I am proud and honored to be a part of something so great. 


Thank you for your kindness, strength, love and support. And for filling my daughters heart with the joy of dance. You have been a huge part of Cassidy’s life and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. 


We drive by a pink house almost daily. The first time Brooke saw it, she said, "Oh, a pink house....that is Ms. Stacey's house!"  She is convinced that everything pink and magical is of Ms. Stacey!  Thank you thank you for all you do to help our sweet Brooke on Tuesday mornings!  We love coming to the pink room to be girly, dance, the purple cheese and how to be a lady.  You have such an incredible spirit.  Thank you for sharing it with so many!

 - Susan Byers, December 2007

I so enjoy KDK and watching your love for your students.  The hugs on the side are so much more precious than the hardware at the end of the contest day.  You are such a blessing to so many and truly are a living Bible to all.  We, as Christians, are only called to sow the seeds, but I think you are "reaping" them as well.

 - Doreen

I cannot say thank you enough for all that you have done this year with our children.  The love that you have for dance and for teaching our little ones is amazing.  Every parent thinks their child is special but you treat each one of the girls as your very own and make them all feel special.  Thanks again for all you have done this year.  The Lord has blesssed this studio in so many ways!

 - Tracy Barrick

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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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