4-5 Year Old Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

Preschool dance classes for 4-5 year olds offers a combination of ballet tap, gross motor skills, and tumbling.  Skills that are introduced in the 3 year old program are reinforced and new skills are added weekly. Most 4-5 year olds have already been to a preschool program or mother’s day out program, so the girls jump into the class understanding basic classroom management, (waiting for turns, following directions, etc.)  It is amazing to see what the dancer’s are able to accomplish at such a young age.

Understanding “music counts” is introduced and activities are done to reinforce the understanding that dance is based off of an 8 count.  It sometimes takes years to comprehend and hear the 8 count in music.  We encourage the girls to count steps out loud, to understand the repetition aspect.  We also use rhythm sticks, canes or poms to clap out the beats of the music. 

Ballet skills that are introduced are: all five positions of the feet and arms, plie, relevee, soute, tendu, glissade, assemble, achappe, fifth right and fifth left, changement, dancer’s walk, triplet, pot a cha, arabesque, to name a few.  We teach the correct term to our dancers, and amazingly enough they can repeat the words and can show you the skills. 

After Christmas break the girls are introduced to some jazz steps.  Straddle jumps, jumping jack jump, leaps, jazz walks are a few.  The girls love “funky” Disney jam music.  It gives the 4 ¼-5 year old dancer a “taste” of what a jazz class will offer.

Gross motor skills are reinforced weekly and are mastered at individual rates.  Skipping forward, backward and in a circle, leaping, jumping, and hopping all increase overall coordination, and assist in future dance steps.

Tap is a wonderful tool to assist preschool dancers who may favor either their right or left foot.  Basic tap skills that were introduced in the three year old curriculum are reinforced and combinations are taught that increase the difficulty level for the older preschool dancer.

Tumbling is a favorite for the 4-5 year old dancers because at this point they have a descent amount of upper body/shoulder strength that allows the girls to master a cartwheel, back bend and hand stand.  Tumbling skills are taught in a progression format beginning with basic skills and then proceeding to harder more advanced skills.

Stacey’s Dance Studio preschool curriculum offers a variety of dance genres and the opportunity to use make believe and imagination.  Stacey’s instructors use a variety of dance music that is in “tune” with the current preschool favorites.  The girls may pretend that they are Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride searching for Aladdin while reinforcing dance skills that have been introduced earlier in the class.

Stacey's Dance Studio offers a wonderfully unique program that encourages the girls to love dance and love coming to class each week.

  • Preschool Dance Attire: white ballet, black tap shoes and any type of dancewear. Please bring dance bag to class.  Label all shoes with name.
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