Kingwood Strutters

Kingwood Strutters is one of our competitive dance teams at Stacey’s Dance Studio. We are entering our 25th year in business and our goals remain steadfast in that we strive to provide the most excellent dance training, team experience and organization. We have some of the most amazing families and dancers who encompass our dance community. It is dance that brings us together, but the fun, friendships, memories and more create an unforgettable bond that we call Strutter Nation!

Each year I am blown away by the growth and development of individual dancers as well as teams. I give full credit to my amazing and talented group of instructors who pour out their hearts and souls for the dancers. Our mission remains constant…we want to help each dancer improve in technique, confidence and grace while doing whatever we can on our side to reinforce the values and morals families strive to instill in their children. It is our desire to provide a “safe place” for your dancers to come and have fun at something they are passionate about and love to do. Year after year we have testimonies from dancers that say the studio is their second home. I can’t think of a bigger compliment! 

We are so blessed to have a well-rounded, incredibly talented group of instructors. Each brings their own unique and wonderful way to enhance your child’s growth in dance. Keep in mind that instructors have different approaches, personalities and different ways of teaching and this brings diversity. It isn’t wise or suggested that children get set with a comfort level of only wanting certain instructors and refusing others. For growth and benefit of all dancers it is wise to work with as many different instructors as possible.

Dancers desiring to be on a competitive team MUST dance exclusively at our studio; however, we have made the decision that conventions, camps and a one-time master class with a dance professional are ok to attend, as long as they don’t conflict with team obligations. These enhancements help to grow the dancer and give opportunities to be taught and influenced by other dance professionals.

Participation in Stacey’s Dance Studio Summer Session will also be required for tryouts. Our desire is for each dancer to focus on improving technique and artistry of dance by offering numerous classes available in all genres of dance, for all ages and abilities during the Summer Session.

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