Hip Hop Dance

In this high-energy class, your child will begin the year learning basic terminology for jumps, turns, and kicks.  These will later be incorporated into short routines.  Each class will begin with a funky, cardio warm-up as well as a quick stretch to get limber.  Then we will learn a few new skills, at which time your child will practice the skills either across the floor or in a short combination.  We will also be introducing your child to some of the various styles of Hip-Hop dance, such as funk, breaking, popping, krumping, some urban jazz, and freestyle.

A huge part of this style of dance is freedom of expression.  Your child will learn that no two dancers have the exact same style, nor should they look precisely the same when dancing.  We will encourage your child to develop his or her own unique style.  We would also like to encourage your child to “dress up” for class.  Hats, dew-rags, baggy clothing, and secure tennis shoes will be allowed, as appearance is also a large part of each dancer’s individual Hip-Hop style.

As we know, Hip-Hop gets its influence from music.  With that said, we will be listening and dancing to the latest Hip-Hop tracks (without profanity), as well as some “Old-School” music.  There are about as many styles of Hip-Hop music as there are dance.

We hope that your child has a blast with this style, learns dance steps he or she has never imagined, develops their own unique style, and gains the confidence to dance through life.

Hip Hop Dance Attire:  Loose comfortable clothing, Capri type pants, t-shirts, dance shirts and tennis shoes (not street tennis shoes).  Please no jeans, booty shorts or short shorts.  

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