Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Jazz

Jazz Dance Skills: The correct jazz walk; which is walking toe-heel with head up, shoulders relaxed, stomach in, torso tucked under and feet correctly passing through first position while completely extended.  Some jazz skills will be performed while traveling “Across the Floor” in-groups of 3-4 girls at a time.  We do these skills in small groups so we can identify if they are doing it correctly. Other skills taught will include: Jazz walks, jazz runs, chasses, step passé, step battement kick, step passé battement kick, step ball change, switching chasses, leaps, 3 step turn, pivot turns, grapevine step, triplet, chaine turns, pirouettes, axel preps, axels, etc.

Ballet Skills:  We let the girls know that ballet is the “vegetables of dance.”  They don’t have to love it but they need to understand that in order to be well-rounded dancer’s they need to understand foundational ballet.  We teach the correct French Ballet Terminology.  A few times a month they will have a, “It’s French to Me” lesson.  They will not only learn how to correctly execute the skill; we will have a word card for them to see what the word looks like etc.  All 5 ballet positions of the feet and arms, proper body placement and alignment; turn out, tendu, arabesque, plie, relève, eschappe, triplets, bourree and more!

Strength and Flexibility:  We will be working on skills to increase upper body and shoulder strength. 

Counting:  Most of dance combinations are based on 8 counts of music.  We will be teaching how to “count” music and how to determine beats tempo, etc.  Once a dancer understands how steps are put together (in 8 counts).  They will find it easier to remember combinations and dances.

Dance Combinations: We have set combinations that all classes will learn based on their age and ability level. To make it fun we “named” the combinations differently so one week the dancers may learn the Cinderella combination and the next the Flower combination. 

  • School Age Jazz: Tan split sole jazz shoes and any type of dancewear. Hair must be pulled back securely in a ponytail or fastened off the face.
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